Taxi driver must turn up the taximeter when the Client is on board
To avoid a long wait for the user, the call has an outreach of 3 km from user’s location. So, the push comes because taxi is located farther than the scheduled distance.
When a reservation comes, the phone rings and the screen shows a blue box with the user’s name, pickup and destination address, date and time. Taxi driver has 60 seconds to accept or refuse. After accepting, the request will be present in “Pending Reservation .”
The phone rings and on the screen appears a yellow window with the user’s name, pickup and destination address (if the user has typed it).
You have 20 seconds to answer. After accepting you can see the user’s location and communicate with him by chat or phone by pressing “Contact the user”.
At the end of the ride, press "End Round" button.
The App must always be on during the work shift. You can use the phone normally for other functions.
The app is compatible with Ios and Android devices.
You have to download DigiTaxi Driver from Google Play or Apple Store and enter your data. After registration you will be contacted for more details.
The pin code might not be validated yet.
You can cancel your reservation up to 90 minutes before the departure time.
The app must always remain on during the work shift.
The Android phone gets calls and reservation even with the app is in the background.
The iPhone gets call and reservation only with the App is in the foreground.
DigiTaxi does not require the RadioTaxi surcharge of € 1.50 and offers "A free ride every five"
the DigiTaxi service is reserved only for taxi drivers who scrupulously respect the regulations, the fares and are kind with the clients.
The App gives automatically the address of departure. If you write the destination can know the estimated cost of the ride. Press “Confirm” to send the request. Upon acceptance, you will know the taxi driver’s detail, the distance and waiting time. During the ride,
No, with DigiTaxi you don't pay the radio taxi surcharge of €1,50.
The € 7 authorization is required as the guarantee. The authorization does not entail any charge on credit card. So, the taxi ride must be paid entirely to the taxi driver.
Yes, on our website but only for destinations: to/from Airport, Port and Central Station of Naples.

The reservation can be deleted until 60 minutes before the time of the ride.
Press "Book" and write: the departure address, destination, date and time. To confirm a € 7 authorization is required, as a guarantee.
You can cancel your reservation up to 90 minutes before the departure time.
After given the authorization, it is necessary to push "Back to the shop" to send the request to the Server.
Yes, you can do it but you lose your €7 guarantee.