Forio of Ischia

Taxi fare

Start ride on weekdays

from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.


Taxi meter unit

every 100 meters


Taxi meter unit

every 1000 meters


Taxi meter unit

Every 60 seconds of parking


Minimum fare on day


Minimum fare on night


Start ride on night

from 22.00 to 7.00


Extra charges


for dimensions over 40x30x20 cm.


Call or reservation

through App




For each passenger over fourth


For island tour

surcharge of


For extraordinary journeys

surcharge of


Island tour

lasting 3 hours with stops


Fixed fare

from Forio to Forio


from Forio to S. Francesco


from Forio to Giardini Poseidon


from Forio to Via Borbonica


from Forio to Lacco ameno


from Forio to Casamicciola Terme


from Forio to S. Angelo


from Forio to Serrara


from Forio to Fontana


from Forio to Ischia Porto or Ponte


from Forio to Barano


from Forio S. Francesco for Ischia Porto or Ponte


from Forio Citara for Ischia Porto or Ponte


from Forio Panza for Ischia Porto or Ponte


from Giardini Poseidon for Barano


from Giardini La Mortella for Barano