The Pandora Taxi App project

The Pandora Taxi App project represents a product innovation compared to the traditional radio taxi service offered to taxi drivers because it modernizes the concept of calling and managing taxi rides. Through the use of a simple and modern App, it improves the distribution of the service in the area, reduces waiting times and optimizes costs by using the GPS incorporated in mobile devices.


The mission of the project has a social purpose: to decongest urban centers by increasing the use of taxis to make them more livable and touristically more attractive through a modern and simple App that allows maximum usability.


The Apps and the website have been completely restructured. The software platform was therefore equipped with cutting-edge technology on a par with the major international competitors. The market improvements involved a greater offer of the service in Naples and its extension in other cities of Campania such as: Portici, Pozzuoli, Ischia Porto, Forio d’Ischia, Sorrento and Casoria. The choice was mainly concentrated on places with high tourist flows that did not have a modern taxi booking service.

Pandora Taxi App project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund