After Apple, other hi-tech big names arrive in Naples

The university campus of San Giovanni a Teduccio, inserted by the European Commission into a restricted list of the best Union projects, will be expanded thanks to funding from the European cohesion funds for Campania

If a "revolution" has occurred in recent years in Naples, this has happened in the field of innovation. After the landing of Apple in San Giovanni a Teduccio, other multinationals have located themselves in the same university campus and others are still preparing to do so. The last announcement comes a few days ago: Leonardo's president, Gianni De Gennaro, said that an innovation center will soon be launched in Pomigliano d'Arco. Leonardo will also have a seat in the University Center of Frederick II.

The Neapolitan Silicon Valley: between the suburbs and dilapidated buildings rises a high tech pole

So also other companies are applying to open in Naples - there is talk of Oracle, Amazon, but for now they are rumors of negotiations in progress - so much so that the spaces in San Giovanni are now almost saturated.

The first stone was the one of the Federico II University Pole (inserted by the EU in a restricted list of the best projects). Three years ago the first year of the Campus was the Engineering freshmen, now close to the three-year degree. And immediately afterwards the first 200 young people from the Apple Academy entered the gates in 2016: today there are 1,000 graduates from 40 different countries. After that, the Academies of Cisco, Tim, Fs, Intesa San Paolo, Deloitte, Merck, some already in expansion, headed to Naples. In addition to the "Cesma" meteorological services center and the Campania New Steel business incubator.

"Our balance sheet is very positive," says Enrico Mercadante, head of Innovation & Digital Transformation at Cisco Italia. We find a stimulating environment, in which companies and institutions have an interest in getting involved ». The manager summarizes: «There is a harmony that makes Naples a European capital of innovation, on a par with Berlin, Barcelona. Therefore we continue to invest here ".

Even historical presences are strengthened, and not only in the area of ​​San Giovanni. For example Accenture in Naples, in the business center, has an important center that in a few years has reached 1800 units. Fabio Benasso, president and CEO of Accenture Italia says: «We started by developing an excellent relationship of collaboration with the Federico II University and today we have a leading center on the technological and competitive innovation front, able to develop scalable services with high added value ". There is Ibm at the management center and Ntt Data, which is preparing to hire 500 people.

Source of the Sun 24 hours of 10/18/19 by Vera Viola