Acciona arrives in Milan: everything you need to know about the new shared and 100% electric scooters

Milan focuses on electric and shared mobility. And welcomes Acciona: the company active in the supply of sustainable solutions for renewable energy infrastructures and projects all over the world, has chosen the Lombard capital as an Italian city in which to launch its electric scooter sharing service with the free- formula. floating. The fleet is initially made up of 300 vehicles.
Acciona, a Spanish company active in the supply of sustainable solutions for renewable energy infrastructures and projects all over the world, entered the sharing mobility sector in 2018 with its mobility service, in line with the company's mission to support sustainable solutions related to infrastructure, in particular transport. The company arrives in Milan thanks to a consolidated experience in the Iberian peninsula, where it operates with six thousand motorcycles between Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, and Lisbon. In total, Acciona's scooter sharing service has covered more than 3 million journeys.
"Environmental sensitivity has increased exponentially: it improves the quality of the vehicle fleet circulating in Milan and, also thanks to the shared use of vehicles, allows more and more citizens to resort to electric scooters. To the 2,611 shared electric scooters already present in the city, there are now those of Acciona, an example of excellent collaboration between the administration and the company that participated in our tender and that provides citizens with an efficient service to move around the city but also compatible with the need to improve air quality "- says Marco Granelli, Councilor for Mobility and Public Works of the Municipality of Milan".

"We are very happy to launch our service in Milan and we thank the Municipality for the welcome it has given us. With Acciona we intend to offer the Milanese, but also to the many tourists and visiting business travelers, a perfect solution to move freely in the city, in the name of environmental sustainability. " - declares Riccardo Valle, Acciona's Mobility Service Manager for Italy, who adds: "We have started the service in Milan with 300 motorcycles but we are already ready to increase the number of vehicles in the fleet in the coming months."
Thanks to its characteristics, the service has so far saved over 850 tons of CO2 in the 6 cities where it is already present at the European level. In addition, renewable energy is used to recharge scooters.
"As a demonstration of Acciona's commitment to decarbonization, in fact, the App itself is designed to provide users with information on the CO2 emissions saved compared to the use of the private car" - explains Filippo Maria Brunelleschi, Expansion Director of the Mobility Service of society.

How to use electric scooters in sharing

To use Acciona scooters, users must download the Smartphone App from their Store. By creating a personal account and entering a payment method, they will receive 20 free driving minutes and will be able to locate the scooters on the map. Then simply select the desired vehicle on the app to book it for free for up to 15 minutes. Once onboard, you will have to press the "MODE" button on the handlebar to start the bike.
The operating area of ​​the service corresponds to the so-called "trolleybus circle 90/91", but also includes the area of ​​the Politecnico Bovisa, Città Studi, Lambrate and Sempione (Piazzale Accursio). It is possible to travel outside these areas but, to close the rental, you will need to re-enter the area, park the scooter in the parking areas dedicated to motorcycles and end the journey through the app. The service is active 24/7 as well as customer assistance, always available to manage questions and any accidents or problems via telephone (800 500 248) or email (

Acciona electric sharing scooters: technical characteristics

Acciona scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries with the equivalent power of a 125 cc engine. They offer two driving modes: a Standard ("S"), with speeds up to 50 km / h for use in the city; and a Custom ("C"), which can reach 80 km / h for use on the highway. You can change the driving mode during the trip. The service is open to all users with a driving license for cars or motorcycles.
The bikes are all equipped to carry two people. In the top case, which can be opened via the app, you will find two helmets of different sizes, the appropriate disposable under-helmets and wet wipes to clean the handlebar saddle, together with the documents of the vehicle. Under the handlebar of the motorcycle, on the right, there are also two USB ports for charging the smartphone in case of need.

The costs of the service

The cost of the service varies from 0.29 to 0.34 euros per minute depending on the driving mode chosen (S or C) and includes the costs of maintenance, refueling (electricity), vehicle insurance, VAT and customer service available 24 / 7. Signing up for the service is totally free and includes 20 minutes of free driving.
In Milan, there are also guide packages of 50, 150, 300 and 500 minutes, with preferential prices compared to the standard price per minute. The service allows users to also adopt the Stop mode, which allows you to park the scooters while keeping the rental active. Simply select the "Stop" button on the app to stop the rental, up to a maximum of 6 hours, at the convenient price of 0.06 euros per minute. Pause mode can be used both inside and outside the service operating area. Instead, it will be necessary to be inside the area to end the rental.

Automotive Up - 26/02/20