In August, Uber has announced its intention to put on the roads its first self-driving car. The city that Uber choose as bases for its trial is Pittsburgh. In the trial period a human driver, always vigilant, will still be present but asked to intervene only in cases of emergency, and passengers will be able in every case to decide whether to participate in the program, that is still in the experimental phase. At the end of this trial period, Uber hopes to expand its service to other cities and beyond in other countries. Even Google (with Fiat), Ford and many other companies in the automotive and technological world are committed to achieve similar goals but for Uber the refinement of the technologies needed for secure self-driving cars is not only a priority but also an urgency: the transport business is the only one who takes up the group and be unprepared as part of unmanned vehicles will mean to be destined to lose everything. For this reason, in addition to passenger transport, the company is planning to preside also the goods movement industry. The latest acquisition of the group in fact concerns Otto, a startup specializing in technologies dedicated to autonomous driving of trucks and tractor-trailers.