Taxi, round to the unique Municipal number If it does not create a new service and does not impede competition, the City can be a computerized taxi research system, more efficient than the classic "yellow pillars": The taxi drivers' interests can not stifle innovation nor the intervention of Pa of a public service. The State Council (judgment 1415/2016) overturned the judgment of first instance (Tar Milan 2176/2015) against the competition held in 2014 by the City of Milan for the supply, management and maintenance of software for calls to one number that tries automatically the nearest taxi. For Tar, as contested by three local operators not participating, the race (won by Fastweb with the best value for money) led to an "alteration of the market" with difficulty for central radiotaxi which barred access by requiring technical skills and experience demonstrable only by IT management. Instead, the Council explained that the City, replacing only the search system – via web, app or phone call to a switchboard -, "he has not introduced a new service subtracting the radio taxi company but merely to amend the service we already place "and there is" no interference … in a reserved private operator because the industry has always been characterized by the coexistence of public service and private. " Which it is 'in the public transport service non-scheduled' (Law 21/1992 framework), to ensure and regulate by the municipalities, regardless of the fact that traders deem to cover 'fully' the general interest. For the same reasons is the breach of EU competition rules (Article 106 of the Treaty): they refer to the creation of a new public activities and justify it when the public interest is not guaranteed by the competition management: the opposite of the case in Milan . The call is regular because "the different modes and the related increased efficiency … it seems to be only attributable to the evolution of technologies that can not be blocked by corporatist interests." However, the City had opened its doors to taxi drivers, providing that they could participate in the race on a temporary association with third parties. Source Il Sole 24 Ore