The interview in the Corriere Innovation, the magazine specializing in technological innovations of the Corriere della Sera, in DigiTaxi to GEC "Global Entrepreneurship Congress" of Milan with Luca Barbieri asked some questions to the founder of the Neapolitan Startup on the App operation, its advantages and differences compared to traditional service offered by radio taxi in Milan, Rome and Naples, The founder Palmieri explained that the system DigiTaxi enables improved efficiency of research processes and called the taxi with reduced costs for each taxi driver. The platform modernizes the concept of call and management of racing, improve service delivery in the area, reduces wait times and optimize costs by leveraging the built-in GPS in mobile devices. The geo-location of the taxi driver and the user through the transfer of the respective geographical locations to the server allows the time of the call to channel real-time request to the first available taxi closer to the user's location. The driver at the time of the call will be able to know immediately the sampling point and the destination user, the time and the distance that divides it. You also will know in real time the time and the distance that separates it from the car and you can follow on the screen the path of the taxi which is reaching up to take the car. This feature is particularly useful in Rome and Milan, which unlike Naples do not have a flat fee of call. In these cities the meter is operated by the taxi driver at the time of receiving the call from the radio station, and then the car arrives in the sampling point with a metered amount of the already increased compared to the base rate, with no possibility for the user to control its 'accuracy. With the DigiTaxi instead, you will know exactly where the car when he accepted the call and the cost accrued up to the meeting place. The difference, on closer inspection, with the App recently put on the market by radio taxi in Milan, Rome and Naples is abysmal: ITtaxi (by radio taxis Italian) and Apptaxi (by radio taxi Veneto) have been introduced to defend positions market, aware of the success of the App foreign as the German "My Taxi" and the Israeli "Get Taxi" that are gaining market share in Europe more and more important, but does not have anything innovative because only replace the phone call but not eliminate from the production process the function of Call Center that stays with the main task of sorting call (the call is transmitted via the App on the radio that sends at the nearest car). The user, therefore, has no opportunity to take advantage of the innovative functions to monitor vehicle movements to the point of withdrawal, to know the estimated cost of the run, monitor the recommended route, etc. . For this reason, the App of radio taxis do not give any contribution to improving the transparency and quality of service. The service DigiTaxi today is active in the city of Naples, but will be extended to Milan and Rome. Milan, March 18, 2015