DigiTaxi founder speech at the Conference: Integrated Mobility to promote Tourism in Campania

DigiTaxi is an App to book the taxi that connects the user directly with the taxi driver, without the passage to the operations center (which is the old method of radio taxis); this is the same system used by Uber and My Taxi. At the time of the request the user is geolocated and proposed a withdrawal address, which of course can be modified. Then you press the "Call" button and the nearest available taxi will answer. With the acceptance of the call, both user and taxi driver, see their positions on the map. With the advantage for the customer to know where the taxi is at the time of acceptance; very useful in cities such as Rome or Milan, where the taxi driver turns on the meter when he accepts the call and not when the customer comes on board. The App also provides information on the estimated cost, the recommended route, and details of the taxi driver: name, license, rating. At the end of the ride, the customer can issue a feedback. The reviews are published on the website and transmitted to the interested party, who has a history of the feedback received from the App. In this way, the correct behavior of drivers is stimulated and a virtuous circle is set up which will induce many of them to perform the service in a better way. So far, we can boast a positive percentage of feed of about 90%. A demonstration that even in Naples exist and work excellent taxi drivers. Therefore, DigiTaxi is already making a contribution to improving tourist mobility, from the moment it is becoming and we would like it to be more and more, the reference point for tourists who want to use the taxi in Campania, who are accustomed to using Uber and My taxi in their countries, they already download DigiTaxi because they find it similar. For tourists, we provide a good quality service in English but above all the correct payment of the city rate, making them also save the radio taxi surcharge of € 1.50 for the call or reservation that they do not pay with DigiTaxi.