DigiTaxi has landed in Sorrento, how the Neapolitan anti-Uber App works

DigiTaxi has landed in Sorrento, how the Neapolitan anti-Uber App works DigiTaxi after Naples arrives in Sorrento, with the intention of modernizing even the taxi drivers operating on the coast. The numerous foreign tourists present almost the whole year, already used to using Uber in their countries, will be able to benefit from the use of similar technology of the same level. A solution that will allow taxi drivers and N.C.C. of Sorrento to make their daily work more efficient, facilitate communication (the App is also available in English) and direct contact with the client. The operation of the application is rather simple. From the user side, just download it on your smartphone register and open it to make the call. Through the geolocation, the App identifies the position in which the user is located and after showing the withdrawal address, pressing the "Call" button, the system starts the search for the nearest taxi driver who, after accepting the request, arrives at the pick-up point, not before providing the passenger with his personal info and details of the car. At the end of the ride, the user can issue a feedback (from 1 to 5 stars) that will be published on the DigiTaxi website. Even for the taxi driver, the mechanism is equally simple, after downloading the Driver version on his smartphone, register and after a quick check of the license is already fully operational. At each call, the phone rings and the window opens with the customer's name, pickup address, and destination address. By pushing the accept button, you take the ride with the system that provides the option of Contact Client, the position of the client on the map and the place to go to make the withdrawal. For both, therefore, it is possible to communicate directly with one another, to warn of delays or unexpected events: the system allows the driver to view the user's phone number and vice versa. The advantages for taxi drivers who sign up for the service, there is no initial price to pay, as is the case with radio-taxi services. There are no fixed or penal costs in the event of an early recession, as there is not a minimum number of rides guaranteed to drivers. The only cost to bear is a monthly fee of € 40 + VAT, less than half of what is required by radio taxis in Naples. Among the other benefits that could drive a driver to join are those already mentioned for the customer, such as the ability to communicate directly and know who will get on board. Benefits for customers - As is easy to understand, the service guarantees the call quickly and easily from the beginning. In addition, it is possible to follow in real time the approach of the taxi to the pick-up point, call it if you have unexpected events and know in advance the estimated cost and the estimated time of arrival of the car. When booking, through a special menu, you can book a taxi up to seven days in advance, an option particularly useful for destinations to/from the airport. The promo for customers, DigiTaxi does not charge the call supplement that in Sorrento is € 2.50 (in Naples € 1.50) and offers a free ride every five. Sorrento 07/02/18