DigiTaxi, the 4.0 revolution comes to Ischia

An absolute novelty arrives on the island roads and drives citizens and tourists in 4.0 revolution. Let's talk about the penetration of DigiTaxi in a new market: the island of Ischia. It represents a real absolute novelty for the island territory and for the public service. "By downloading the app - states Emanuele Vuoso, a well-known taxi driver and service representative - it is extremely easy to request a taxi with a simple click. Furthermore, you can find out the real waiting times, the estimated cost of the ride and the identification data of the taxi driver who takes charge of the request. A very significant leap not only for the service itself, but also and above all for transparency and safety towards the user. The technology advances and it is right that the taxi service is updated to the requests. " The app is recognizable for the classic yellow color and the figure of a taxi stylized inside from the "a". It has already received not a little success in other places, also involving experts in international mobility and technology. "With the use of this application conveniently downloadable from the major app stores (Google Play Store and Apple Store) and also available on the web via PC, you can say goodbye to the uncertainty of the tariff" concludes Emanuele Vuoso. In fact, the "DigiTaxi" system contains several fields in which you insert your data and receive a lot of information on the taxi that you want to book, thus makes booking a taxi very easy for users, who often opt for other means of transport, intimidated by the uncertainty of the cost of the journey. The novelty will arrive on the island's smartphones in the coming days and will also start an awareness campaign and information for customers (both islanders and tourists) of the area. The App DigiTaxi, the App to book the Taxi was founded in Naples in 2013 on the initiative of a group of taxi users on Facebook in the group "Taxi in the city max fare € 6.00", born January 7, 2011 (visit the Group on Facebook) with the aim of improving the quality and transparency of the Taxi service. The purpose was the introduction of fixed and low-cost tariffs to encourage the use of taxis in urban centers, as a tool to facilitate interconnection between the various public means of transport (taxi, bus, tram, underground, train, ferry) and to raise public awareness about more sustainable urban mobility. The Facebook group of about 2000 members represented the starting point of his adventure for DigiTaxi. At now, there are still members who gave life to the idea and construction of the DigiTaxi software platform. A social and territorial purpose still represents the vision of DigiTaxi, which aims to make urban centers more livable and more attractive for tourism. Less chaos, less noise, less pollution, less cars in circulation and at rest; more freedom of movement, more pedestrian areas, more space to walk, more order. The App lets you know the details of the driver and the waiting time, know the estimated cost and the recommended route, give feedback at the end of the journey, book a taxi up to seven days before departure, travel with selected taxi drivers. Acknowledgments. Selected among the best Italian applications by the Consortium of Chambers of Commerce "Camera Hub Forum", Milan, 23 May 2014; Winner of the "ICT Smau Campania Innovation Award" in the category Mobile and App that simplify life, Naples, 11 December 2014; Selected by the Municipality of Naples for its participation in "Naples for Expo, Milan 2015"; Selected by ICE and Sviluppo Campania for its participation in Unbound Digital, London 2016. The system is supported by two free apps "DigiTaxi driver" (taxi driver) and "DigiTaxi" (user), connected to a server by a free web portal. The platform is based on the geolocation of the user and the taxi driver, which allows the server to transfer requests directly to the vehicle closest to the point where the customer is located. The platform, therefore, allows you to directly connect the user to the first available taxi driver without having to call services like the radio taxi. The app shows you an overview of the taxis available in the area and allows you to know (after the call) the driver details and the waiting time. Users can follow the movement of the car from the moment of the call to the pick-up point on the phone's screen. Source: Il dispari, 4/04/2019