Naples, port-airport cost € 38. Failure to apply the fixed rate (€ 19), the Police withdrew the license. For the entire day Police fined numerous public car drivers. The couple of tourists boarded the taxi from Beverello to airport destination. The set fee is € 19 but the taxi driver, once he arrived in Capodichino asks for € 38, the double. The dishonest driver was fined by the municipal police, and removed the license. To the Tourists was refunded the amount paid unduly. Taxi drivers are certainly not all like that, God forbid, but there are quite a lot of bad apples. Own to counter the scourge "wild taxi" in recent days was carried out operation by the municipal police between Maritime Station, Central Station and Airport. Several taxi drivers were fined for various violations including lack of tariff table, non-compliance of the row, parked vehicle unattended and out of the spaces in the order to be rented. Other drivers were verbalized for abusive car and the vehicle has been subjected to administrative detention. Surprised, then, within the port, an abusive tour guide and sanctioned a bus company because it approached and procured clients. Corriere del Mezzogiorno Source